Centipede is an arthropod belonging to the group of centipede.

Its body, consisting of 21-31 segments covered with chitinous armor, reaches a length of up to 36 cm.

There are 2 long segmented antennae on the head clearly separated from the body.

Centipede interesting facts

1. It was first described in 1758.

2. The giant centipede is also called the Peruvian giant centipede with yellow legs or the Amazonian giant centipede.

3. The only documented case of the death of a man after being bitten by a centipede is the case of a four-year-old child in Venezuela in 2014.

4. It is hard to believe, but this inconspicuous arthropod is able to hunt a snake up to 25 cm long, frogs up to 10 cm and adult tarantulas.

5. Centipedes lead a nocturnal lifestyle. They avoid light, so they are rarely noticed by humans.

6. The venom of the giant centipede contains acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin and proteases. It is able to kill most small animals.

7. On January 26, 2019, striped centipede (the largest species in Europe) was found in one of the apartments in Warsaw. It was 12 cm long and most likely escaped the breeder.

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Centipede questions and answers

Do centipedes occur in Europe?

In Europe, striped centipedes can be found (southern Europe, Mediterranean zone).

Centipede venom can kill a man?

Human bite by giant centipede can be fatal for people allergic to toxins contained in venom. Young children are particularly vulnerable.

Where does the giant centipede occur?

The giant centipede is found in South America and the Caribbean. They can be found in tropical or subtropical rainforests.

What do giant centipedes eat?

The giant centipede feeds on any specimen it manages to catch. It can be various insects, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and birds.

what size is giant centipede?

Its average length is about 26 cm. Record large individuals reach over 35 cm.

How long does a giant centipede live?

The giant centipede lives about 10 years.

What are the symptoms of a giant centipede bite?

A bitten person experiences tremendous pain, swelling, fever and general weakness.

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