Black Widow is a species of poisonous spider in the family of the aromatic family.

The black widow can be found mainly in North and Central America.

Black widow interesting facts

1. Black widow venom is over 15 times more potent than rattlesnake venom.

2. 40-year-old American Jeff Seale has been bitten by a black widow 19 times. Unfortunately, the dose of venom was so high that he died after 2 weeks.

3. The Black Widow is similar to the spider Karakurt. Karakurt is a more dangerous spider than the black widow.

4. There has been a case of a black widow biting in Ukraine.

5. The spider zyzuś the fat man is called a false black widow.

6. A species of brown black widow has been discovered.

7. The Black Widow is the largest representative of the Oomatidae family.

8. The Black Widow was first described in 1775 by Johan Christian Febricius.

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Is the black widow’s venom dangerous to humans?

The black widow’s venom is very strong, but he does not inject a large dose. Bites ending in death happen very rarely.

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What are the symptoms of the black widow’s bite?

The black widow’s bite causes severe pain and poisoning the body. After 20 minutes, muscle contraction occurs. The most painful are spastic stomach pains that can last up to two days.

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Are males or females bigger?

Male black widows are 2-3 times smaller than females. The average length of the female body is 8-10 mm, and the male 3-4 mm.

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What body length can a black widow achieve?

A female black widow can reach a body length of up to 38 mm.

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Does the black widow’s bite hurt a lot?

The black widow’s bite is not painful.

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Could a black widow survive in Poland?

It is too cold in Poland. She probably would not have survived the winter.

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What is the black widow eating?

Mainly insects, however, like a black widow can paralyze a small mammal or a bird.

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Where did the name “Black widow” come from?

This is due to the fact that it is often eaten by a female partner after reproduction.

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When and under what circumstances Black Widow is weak and vulnerable?

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