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1. Birch is a type of tree belonging to the family of birches.

2. There are about 60 species of birches.

3. The scientific name is: Betula.

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4. The birch tree burns even when it is wet.

5. The birch juice known by the bones is famous for its amazing health benefits.

6. The length of birch leaves is up to 10 cm.

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7. Birch rods were used to gauge flogging.

8. According to old beliefs, the birch protected against evil spirits. That is why birches were planted at the graves or crosses made of birch branches were made.

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9. Cradle made of birch tree was also made to protect newborns against bad charms.

10. People born on June 24 are under the sign of the birch.

11. Birch exudes positive energy.

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What was the legend about the Gryżyńska birch?

On the Obra River, in the area of ​​the present Wielkopolskie Province, in the Kościan commune, the village of Gryżyna is situated. About 200 years ago, a widow lived in this village with her little son Antos. Mother, except her only child, did not see the world, letting him do anything. She did not punish him even when Antoś hit her. When he was ten years old, he fell ill and died. He was buried at the local cemetery at the church of St. Martin. The mother’s despair was enormous. And then strange things began to happen. One day the church, pale as a corpse, ran to the vicar with the message that the children’s hand protrudes from the grave of Antoś. Pleban recommended the handle to cover with sand, but on the second day the handle again protruded from the grave. At that time, the parish priest called all the inhabitants of the village and mother of Antosia. Addressing the gathered, he said: “There is a strange mystery connected with the child, for which nothing helps my prayers. Mother, you must reveal secrets to us if you want your child to be saved. ” At that time, my mother, who was in pain, crying, admitted that she did not punish her son when he once hit her in the face. “Terrible is the offense of a child to a mother,” said the vicar. “I understand now that a deceased child is being punished, which he did not receive during his lifetime.” That said, he broke off a birch branch from a nearby tree and handed it to his mother. Antosia’s mother struggled to control herself and whipped the son’s hand protruding from the grave. In front of the surprised observers, the child’s pale hand hid in the sand and was never seen again. The Pleban put this birch branch into the child’s grave. When spring came, a birch withe released green leaves and grew a tree. They were called the “birch-tree birch”. The birch grew for many years until its stem, counting the old measure, reached five and a half cubits in the circumference. Eventually, in 1875, the storm that passed over the Grażyna River broke the life of this famous birch.

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