Bigos is a dish of cabbage and meat, traditional for Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisine.

This dish is considered to come from Poland.

Bigos interesting facts

1. In the West, this dish is often called “hunting stew”.

2. The first dish to be called bigos was chopped meat jelly.

3. In the 16th century, the word bigos was used to describe the method of chopping. About the activity of cutting something something was said: “chop something into bigos”.

4. The word “bigose” meant in a fight “to chop someone up into small pieces”.

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5. You can add red wine to it to enhance the taste of bigos.

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6. The traditional bigos should not be complete without plum jam.

7. Bigos was traditionally served with fresh bread or potatoes and a glass of vodka.

8. Bigos is often sweetened with a little sugar or honey.

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9. There is a version of bigos where courgettes are added instead of cabbage.

10. Hungarian bigos differs from Polish bigos in that it is seasoned with spicy paprika and cream.

11. In “bigos hultajski” we can find a lot of finely chopped meat and bacon.

12. The staple food in hunting was “hunter’s bigos” made of cabbage and game. To neutralize the unpleasant taste of the meat, juniper is added.

13. You can also come across a version of stew in which there are potatoes and beans. It is “Galician bigos”.

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14. In the 19th century, bigos was eaten for breakfast.

15. In Wielkopolska, tomato paste is added to bigos, and in Silesia, potato dumplings.

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16. Bigos is a Polish national dish.

17. It is the most important Christmas dish.

18. Even Adam Mickiewicz wrote about bigos in the song “Pan Tadeusz” – “In kociołkach bigos was heated; in words it is difficult to express a strange taste, a wonderful color and smell”.

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19. Bigos is eaten for dinner and served in the most famous restaurants.

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Bigos questions and answers

Where did the name bigos come from?

One option for the origin of this word is to combine two Latin words: “bi” – meaning “double” and “gos” – “taste”. The two flavors are fresh and sauerkraut.

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How much time does it make bigos?

The real bigos is cooked for 3-4 days.

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What does ‘bigos with cheers’ mean?

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Is there a version of stew for vegetarians?

Vegetarians can add, for example, soybean cubes to the stew instead of meat.

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Is bigos eaten in the West?

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How many calories does bigos have?

There are about 112 kcal in 100 grams of bigos.

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Is it possible to taste bigos only in Poland?

Bigos is also a popular dish in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

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