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Benny Hill was a famous British comedy actor.

His real name is Alfred Hawthorne Hill.

Benny Hill interesting facts

1. His father and grandfather were circus clowns.

2. He lived in rented flats all his adult life.

3. He had a driving license but never bought a car.

4. He lived very modestly, he bought food in supermarkets, he walked everywhere and sewed patches on his clothes with holes.

5. He knew English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

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6. In the last years of his life, he was overweight.

7. His fortune after his death was estimated at £ 10 million.

8. He bequeathed some of his property to friends, but the letter he left had no legal force and they got nothing.

9. Someone spread a rumor that he was buried with expensive jewelry, which made an attempt to rob his body.

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10. Benny Hill was born 95 years ago. He died 27 years ago (data: May 2019).

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Benny Hill questions and answers

Where and when was Benny Hill born?

Benny Hill was born on January 21, 1924 in Southampton, Great Britain.

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Where and when did Benny Hill die?

Benny Hill died on April 20, 1992 in Teddington, UK.

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What caused Benny Hill’s death?

Officially, it was stated that he died of a heart attack.

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Benny Hill had a wife?

He had no wife. He proposed twice, but without success.

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Why did he change his name to Benny?

It was a tribute to comedian Jack Benny, who was a great inspiration to him.

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How many years did Benny Hill live?

Benny Hill lived 68 years.

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How tall was Benny Hill?

Benny Hill was about 177 cm tall.

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What sign of the Zodiac was Benny Hill under?


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