Beginning of World War II

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Beginning of World War II information

On September 1, 1939, the German army entered Poland starting the Second World War, which lasted 6 years.

It was an extremely bloody war that cost the lives of over 72 million people in the world.

Beginning of World War II facts

Beginning of World War II facts

1. As the beginning of World War II, Westerplatte fire from the battleship school “Schleswig-Holstein” at 4:45 is considered. Some sources say that the first shots were at 4:17.

2. The attack on Wieluń followed the witnesses’ description 3 minutes earlier than on Westerplatte at 4:42.

3. At 4:34 three German bombers attacked the bridge in Tczew.

4. According to Hitler’s plans, this was to be an instant war. He did not expect so much resistance.

5. Germans thanks to the fact that they occupied earlier Moravia, they could attack Poles from the west, north and south.

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6. On September 1, 1939, Poland’s border with Germany was 1,600 km long.

7. Westerplatte, against the aggression of the Germans, defended only about 200 soldiers for as many as seven days.

8. During the bombing of Wieluń, 1,200 civilians were killed.

9. The first soldier to be awarded the Military Orchestra of “Virtuti Militari” was Corporal Leonard Złób, for the pogrom of German tanks.

10. The Volhynian Cavalry Brigade in the Battle of Mokre repulsed the attack of German tanks. They destroyed about 100 of them.

11. There are legends that the Polish cavalry with sabers has moved to German tanks.

12. On August 30, 1939, the newspaper “Kurier Poznański” wrote an article about the agreement between the Soviets and Germany and the great threat to Poles.

13. On September 3, 1939, when people learned that England was going to war with Germany, they went out on the street, jumped in joy and shouted “Long live England !!”. Unfortunately, happiness was premature.

14. According to the original plan, Hitler’s attack was to take place on August 26, 1939.

15. The first German plane managed to shoot down Poles at 7:00 in the area of ​​Olkusz.

16. The Third Reich had one of the strongest armies in the world.

17. September 1, 2017 falls just like in 1939 on Friday.

18. Before the outbreak of the war, Poland was inhabited by 35 million people.

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Beginning of World War II questions

Why Hitler in his speech on September 1, as the beginning of the war, indicated 5:45 am?
The difference of time came from the fact that the summer time was in force in the Third Reich (the hour of difference compared to the time in Poland).

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The Germans dressed in Polish uniforms attacked their own radio station in Gliwice, blaming Poles for it. It gave them an excuse to start a war. This happened on August 31, 1939 at 20:00.

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How many troops did the Germans have and how many Poles on September 1, 1939?
Germans staged 1,850,000 soldiers, Poles 950,000. Germans had 11,000 guns, Poles 4,800. Tankers had 4 times more 2,800, Poles 700. Aircraft 2,000, Poles only 400.

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By what words the President of the Republic of Poland - Ignacy Mościcki - informed citizens about the situation.
Citizens of the Republic! During the night of today’s eternal enemy, our enemy started offensive actions against the Polish State, which I affirm to God and History. At this moment, I turn to all citizens of the state in deep conviction that the whole nation, in defense of its freedom, independence and honor, will focus around the Supreme Commander and armed forces and will give a dignified answer to the attacker, as it has often happened in the history of Polish-Polish relations. German. The whole Polish nation, blessed by God, in the struggle for his holy and just cause, united with the army, will go arm to arm and full victory .

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It was an organized and planned by the Germans murder of the Polish civilian population, mainly on the Polish elite.

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Why Hitler attacked Poland?
Hitler was afraid that if he attacked France as the first, then the Poles, as an ally, would join the war and lose a battle against two fronts. Hitler additionally ordered from the Poles the annexation of the Free City of Gdańsk to the Second Reich, the construction of an international transport line on the international Pomerania, and joining the Anti-Comintern Pact.

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Why did France and England not help Poles?
Before the outbreak of the war, these countries knew about the Germans’ agreement with the Soviet Union. The West did not want to enter into conflict with the Soviets. France already in August declared that it was not ready for an offensive fight. They informed that they can only defend themselves or undertake small offensive actions.

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What was the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact?
It was a non-aggression pact concluded between the Third Reich and the USSR on August 23, 1939. It contained a secret additional protocol, which assumed the division of Central and Eastern Europe. He was described as the fourth partition of Poland.

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