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1. Baobab is a species of long-lived deciduous tree.

2. There are 9 species of baobabs.

3. The scientific name is: Adansonia.

Author: AC

4. Baobab can store up to 120,000 liters of water in its trunk.

5. The most famous species is African baobab.

6. The record diameter of the baobab is as much as 15.9 meters, and the circumference is 47 meters.

Author: Marta

7. Baobab leaves contain twice as much calcium as milk.

8. In 100 grams of crushed leaves of baobab is up to 300 mg of vitamin C.

Author: Nadia

9. A pub was made in a hollow trunk of a large baobab tree in South Africa.

Author: Nadia

10. With age, baobabs begin to decrease.

11. According to the legend, the devil turned the baobab upside down.

Author: RELis

12. The fruits of baobabs are edible as well as leaves.

Author: Ola


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What height does the baobab reach?

The height of the baobab is from 5 to 30 meters.

Answer: Nadia

What thickness is the baobab trunk?

The trunk of baobabs has a diameter of 6 to 11 meters.

Answer: Nadia

Why does a baobab have such a thick trunk?

Because it stores water in it, which allows it to survive the period of drought.

Answer: Nadia

How often does baobab bloom? What year or less? How long do flowers last?

Most baobabs bloom once a year. In Cote d’Ivoire, it happens sometimes twice a year. Some baobabs don’t give birth every year. Much depends on the amount of precipitation, height, soil composition. Baobab begins to bloom after about 4 weeks from the appearance of buds.

Answer: Ola