Baboon facts


1. The scientific name is papio.

2. Baboons are mammals belonging to the order of the primate and the monkey family.

3. Five species of baboon are known (olive, Masai, Guinean, mantle and bear.

Author: AC

4. Johann Christian Polycarp Erxleben in 1777 was the first to describe baboons.

5. The Guinean baboon is the smallest baboon species. Adult individuals are about 50 cm tall.

6. Baboons are the largest bear – about 120 cm.

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7. They live in large groups that can count up to 100 individuals.

8. Baboons have front and rear paws of similar length. They walk like a dog. They are sometimes called dog monkeys.

Author: Madam

9. Males are about twice as large as females.

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10. Baboons are the biggest enemy of baboons. Of animals, they are the most afraid of predatory cats.

11. Baboons attacks on human farms often occur. Home fowls, rabbits and even goats are being kidnapped.

12. Baboons do not have a prehensile tail. It serves only to maintain balance.

Author: Ola

13. A lot of situations were observed when baboons were caught by old lions, knowing that they would be able to escape easily.

Author: Lusi

14. Baboons are not faithful being in a relationship. They change partners like gloves.

15. One small baboon comes to the world at once. It’s rare to have a double pregnancy.

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16. Annually, a lot of baboons are killed during various scientific experiments.

17. Baboons spend most of their time not on trees, as it might seem, only on the ground.

18. Feeling threatened, they can start throwing stones.

Author: Benek

19. Baboons can, like hamsters, store in excess of food (they have so-called cheek bags).

20. Yawning is a sign of “go away because he will attack!”. Then they show their long sharp teeth.

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21. The young baboon is breastfed for a maximum of one and a half years.

22. Baboons become independent when they are about 8 years old.

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Baboon questions

How many baboons live?

Baboons can live up to 45 years (average 20-30 years).

Answer: Marta

How much does a baboon weigh?

They weigh from 14 to 30 kg.

Answer: Marta

What do baboons eat?

Baboons eat fruits and insects mainly. It also happens that they can also hunt larger animals, such as young goats.

Answer: Marta

Where are the baboons?

Baboons can be found in Africa and Asia.

Answer: Marta

What size are baboons?

Adult individuals, depending on the species, are between 50 cm and 120 cm tall.

Answer: Marta

How long does the baboon’s pregnancy last?

Pregnancy lasts from 173 to 195 days.

Answer: Marta

How fast are baboons?

Baboon can speed up to 45 km / h.

Answer: Marta

How do baboons communicate with each other?

Using various sounds that they can spend over 40, and hand gestures, facial expressions.

Answer: Marta

When does a young baboon open his eyes for the first time?

A young baboon is born with open eyes.

Answer: Atoham

Why do baboons have red, hairless butts?

Baboons spend a lot of time in a sitting position. It is a form of a “pillow” on which you sit comfortably and most importantly stably, even on heavy branches. The color red means that the female is ready for reproduction.

Answer: Madam