Atlantica Online is a turn-based 3D (free-to-play) MMORPG.

The producer of the game is NDOORS.

The premiere of the game for PC took place on October 30, 2008 (in Korea in January 2008).

Atlantica Online interesting facts

1. In Atlantica, we must focus on the development of not only the main character, but also 8 mercs.

2. The game world is modeled on real geography. We have 6 continents to travel and the mythical land of Atlantis.

3. The game features very pleasant to the ear, atmospheric music composed by Minho Jang.

4. There are 192 “animals” on which you can ride. Each of them increases the speed of movement and has additional bonuses to attack, defense, etc. (data from March 3, 2019).

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5. Among the “animals” are all kinds of animals, dragons, trees, robots, and even a tank or a car. Something interesting for everyone.

6. There are 82 decorations of the main character (wings) available in the game, which, like animals, increase various statistics (data from March 3, 2019).

7. When dressing a character, we have a choice of 120 different outfits and the same number of headgear.

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8. There are 69 cities in the game, including Warsaw.

9. The main city in the game is Rome. This city cannot be conquered by a guild.

10. When starting the game, we have a choice of 13 main character classes.

11. You can have a house, arrange it, organize events, and have mines in your garden.

12. It would be hard to find a game that has a more extensive crafting system.

13. There are as many as 38 different crafting specializations to learn. Each of them has 140 maximum levels.

14. A very extensive market in the game allows you to trade between servers.

15. The so-called Atlantica Day. For 2 days there are bonuses: + 200% EXP, + 50% attack, + 50% defense, + 100% Workload. You can also get a lot of interesting things.

16. The highest level of upgrading a weapon is L – Legendary.

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17. After hovering over an item and pressing Ctrl + C, its detailed description will be displayed.

18. There are as many as 76 to do in the game. “quest title”. After doing them, we get different titles. Each of them can be turned on once a day. They give various bonuses for a certain period of time.

19. Most real cash purchases can be purchased in-game.

20. On the 10th anniversary, a real surprise has been prepared for new players. You could create a character with lvl 130 (one character per account).

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21. For the 188 level you need as much as … 52 301 271 443 058 experience. For comparison, for a level 100, only 200,000,000 are needed.

22. There is a monster in the game named ???.

23. You can tell how much improved the enemy’s weapon is by the color of its light.

24. We can fit 180 items in a handy backpack for free. For in-game and real money, we can buy an additional 510 places.

25. Being in a party of three for the duration of Atlantica Day is 3 times more experience. These people do not have to be next to each other, the party works remotely.

26. There are 16 merts fighting with swords, 8 axes, 6 spears, 7 shotguns, 6 bows, 6 cannons, 6 guitars, 4 saws, 4 storms and 14 mages.

27. On Atlantica Day, with 3x experience in a party with over 180 level, it is possible to spend more than 500,000,000,000 XP per hour.

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28. There are three legions of 8 mers each (Shadow, Shaolin and Diabolic).

29. The9 company has the exclusive rights to distribute and operate Atlatica Online in China.

30. In the original version of the game, only Asia and Europe were available.

31. In 2008 and 2009, Atlantica Online was the official game of the Gaming World Cup (GNGWC).

32. At the end of 2010, a new type of combat was added – Tactical Battle System (TBS).

33. In Chinese, Atlantica is translated as “King of the World”.

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Atlantica Online questions and answers

Can you only play Atlantica Online on PC?

The game is only available on PC.

Answer: ManiakPC

How much does Atlantica Online cost?

Atlantica Online is a free game, with an in-game payment option.

Answer: ManiakPC

How old can you play Atlantica Online?

There is no minimum age for this game.

Answer: ManiakPC

Can you play Atlantica Online in Polish?

There is no Polish language version.

Answer: ManiakPC

What does the name of the game mean – Atlantica?

The name comes from the mythical continent of Atlantis (Atlantis).

Answer: Maks

What is the maximum level?

Currently, the maximum level is 200.

Answer: Maks

How fast do you level up?

There are many different bonuses waiting for new players to facilitate the gameplay. Knowing what and how, you can get lvl 100 in one day.

Answer: Maks

Age is given for hearts. This means that they can die of old age?

Some of my mercs are +280 years old and still alive. Age was important in the early years of the game. It was then possible, up to a certain age, to be “sent into the world” for a year. The younger he was, the better the gifts he sent.

Answer: Maks

What is the Jackpot Challenge?

Various materials, crystals, and books from killed monsters automatically fall into the Jackpot. We can move them all to inventory, or use the Jackpot Challenge function. We mark the object of interest to us, which we multiply at the cost of the remaining materials. Find out what pays off to Jackpot and what doesn’t.

Answer: Maks

Is there a big difference between a +0 and +10 weapon?

For example, a gun with level 175 +0 has an attack: 3037-3921, and a gun at +10: 12148-15684. The price difference is huge, +0 about 500 million, and +10 well over 500 billion.

Answer: FanOnline

How many types of weapons are there?

Weapons include: ax, bow, cannon, shotgun, guitar, spear, magician’s staff, sword, whip, saw, fists, “storm”. There are 30-35 types in each group, from level 1 to 175.

Answer: FanOnline

How many types of armor are there?

There are three main categories: for warriors, archers, and mages. There are 79 of all types, from level 1 to 175.

Answer: FanOnline

What else, apart from weapons, can be put on?

Headgear, outfit, wings, “animal”, helmet, gloves, shoes, pants, charms, 2 rings, necklace, shield.

Answer: FanOnline

How many mercs are there?

There are currently 77 mayors (March 3, 2018).

Answer: FanOnline

Can you have more than 9 merts?

You can have a maximum of 9 merts during combat. You can keep “substitutes” at home or in the Merc Room, for example.

Answer: FanOnline

What might the character’s greatest might be?

The biggest might I’ve seen is over 15,100,000. Level 184 on the Blacksun server.

Answer: FanOnline

What’s the strongest boss?

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What’s the best title?

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How many quests are there?

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What’s the best merc?

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What’s the best main character?

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Why was Stamina dropped?

So that players spend more time in the game.

Answer: FanOnline

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