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Angel Di Maria is an Argentine footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or left-winger.

Official Instagram account: (over 9,700,000 followers).

Clubs Angel Di Maria played in

Rosario Central 2001–2007
SL Benfica 2007–2010
Real Madrid 2010–2014
Manchester United 2014–2015
Paris Saint-Germain 2015–

Angel Di Maria interesting facts

1. In the senior national team (until July 2019) he played 99 matches (20 goals).

2. As a junior he played for Rosario Central (2001–2005).

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3. Angela Di Marii’s manager is the Gestifute.

4. The sponsor of Angela Di Maria’s equipment is Adidas.

5. Its market value is estimated at EUR 40,000,000 (data from July 2019).

6. The highest estimate in career is EUR 65,000,000 (October 2014).

7. Most expensive transfer: On August 26, 2014, Real Madrid joined Manchester United for € 75,000,000.

8. The sum of all transfers is EUR 179,000,000 (data from July 2019).

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9. In the first team, Angel Di Maria made his debut on October 15, 2009. He played 75 minutes in a 0-1 win over Uruguay.

10. Angel Di Maria made his Champions League debut on September 18, 2007 for Benfica Lisbon. His team lost to AC Milan 2-1.

11. In all club matches (data from July 2019) he played a total of 555 matches and scored 22 goals (62 assists).

12. Most goals (23) he scored between the 46-60 minute of the match (data from July 2019).

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13. From 2008 to July 2019, he was injured 17 times (280 days in total). The longest, 53 days, he recovered from a thigh injury in the 2015/16 season.

14. Angel Di Maria is a left-footed player.

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15. Looking at the estimated value, it ranks 134 among the best footballers in the world (data from July 2019).

16. In their position, only 15 players in the world have a higher estimated value (data from July 2019).

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17. In his career so far, he has taken 4 penalty shots in the regular time of the game. 2 of them were turned into goals.

18. In the current club and national team he plays with the number 11 on the jersey.

19. He scored his first goal in his senior career in the 1st Argentine league at the age of 18, 9 months and 11 days.

20. He played the most matches against FC Barcelona – 16, he scored 4 goals (data from July 2019).

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Angel Di Maria questions and answers

Where and when was Angel Di Maria born?

Angel Di Maria was born on February 14, 1988 in the city of Rosario (Argentina).

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How old is Angel Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria is 31 years old (May 2019).

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How tall is Angel Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria is about 180 cm tall.

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Which Zodiac sign is Angel Di Maria from?


Answer: Marta

How much does Angel Di Maria weigh?

Angel Di Maria weighs about 75 kg.

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