Protestant Christian community, conservative Anabaptists.

It has its roots in Switzerland.

Amish interesting facts

1. 80% of Amish live in Pennsylvania.

2. The traditional model of an Amish family is seven or more children.

3. One Amish family in Poland lives in Cięćwa, who came from the United States of America in 1993.

4. Although the Amish come from Europe, there are no Amish communities.

5. The Amish speak German.

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6. The Amish do not accept modern technology.

7. They don’t use electricity, cars, television, photography and other modern inventions.

8. Virtually all of them are involved in agriculture and related crafts.

9. The Amish put their rules above official law.

10. The Amish do not send their children to public schools and believe they do not need a higher than primary education by the age of 14.

11. In 1979, a polio epidemic broke out among Amish amish states in several US states as they avoided immunization

12. For twelve generations, the Amish have had relationships only with people from the community, which means that they may be related.

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Amish questions and answers

Who Made the Amish?

The founder of the Amish union was Jacob Amman

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Where do most Amish live?

In the USA, mainly in agricultural areas: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri, and in Canada, Ontario.

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