Amazon River

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Amazon River information

Amazon is a river located in South America.

They most likely originate from the source of Apacheta from the Quehuisha mountain in the Andes and go into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Macapa.

The most often reported length of this river is 6,400 km.

Amazon River facts

Amazon River facts

1. Amazon flows through three countries: Brazil, Peru and as a border river through Colombia.

2. Its source is at 5170 m above sea level.

Author: Marta

3. The source of Apacheta was discovered in 1996 by the Polish traveler Jacek Pałkiewicz.

4. 11 years ago, apparently, the Polish canoeist Piotr Chmielinski reached the sources of the Amazon.

Author: InI

5. Within 200 km from the mouth of the river to the Atlantic Ocean, the water is sweet due to the Amazon.

Author: Kasia

6. The mouth of the river is over 150 km wide.

7. On the Amazon River Lowland, floods may be flooded even up to 70 km from the riverbed.

8. At 4,300 km, the Amazon River is a Żeglowa river.

9. The longest river, being the basin of the Amazon River, is Madeira, with a length of 3,250 km.

10. The Amazon basin is the largest basin in the world. Its area is over 7,000,000 km².

11. Every second, an average of 150,000 cubic meters of Amazonian water fall into the Atlantic Ocean every second.

Author: Kasia

12. The main cities through which the Amazon flows are: Iquitos, Manaus, Óbidos, Santarém, Belém and Macapá.

13. The Amazon was created about 11.5 million years ago, and the current shape took about 2.4 million years ago.

14. In some places during the flood, the depth of the Amazon reaches even 100 meters.

15. The Spaniard Vicente Yáñez Pinzón in 1500 was the first European to sail the Amazon.

Author: LM

16. The Amazon river supplies water from over 1 100 rivers. 12 of them have a length of over 1500 km.

17. Over 2,000 species of fish live in the Amazon (more than in the Atlantic Ocean).

Author: Adam

Amazon River questions

Is Amazon the longest river in the world?
According to the most frequent length, the Nile is 453 km longer from the Amazon. However, the dispute continues all the time. Some researchers argue that the Amazon is about 7,000 km long, which would make it the longest river in the world.

Answer: Marta

Why is it so difficult to assess the length of the Amazon?
The main reason is the location of sources that are located in inaccessible terrain. The length of the river also changes, for example, during floods.

Answer: Marta

Where did the name Amazon come from?
The name comes from the mythical women of “Amazons” living in these areas.

Answer: Marta

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