Allegro is the largest auction site in Poland.

It was founded in Poznań in 1999 by Arjan Bakker.

The headquarters are in Poznań.


Allegro interesting facts

1. Allegro owners are: Cinven, Permira, Mid Europa Partners.

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2. About 70 million products are sold monthly on the Allegro website.

3. Over 16 million people are registered.

4. 90% of the items on display have only the “buy now” option set.

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5. From November 17, 2007, you can set up your virtual shop on Allegro.

6. An airship advertising Allegro is flying over Poznań.

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7. Allegro creators followed the example of eBay.

8. Ceneo belongs to the Allegro Group.

9. Allegro cooperates with such portals as: Onet, Wirtualna Polska, Interia.

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10. As of March 21, 2018, all auctions of items bearing Nazi and racist symbols will be removed.

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11. Before OLX bought the website, it belonged to the Allegro Group.

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12. The largest number of counterfeit products in the European Union is sold on Allegro and the police turn a blind eye to it! Where in other countries it is fought and the dread of heavy punishment for it.

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Allegro questions and answers

What does the name Allegro mean?

Allegro is a musical term that means “fast, fun”. This is how every auction transaction should look like.

Answer: Marta

Can only an adult set up an account on Allegro?

You can set up an Allegro account from the age of 13. Minors have “junior” added to their nickname.

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Need to be registered to buy?

Allegro on November 23, 2010 introduced the possibility of shopping with an unregistered person.

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