In the Catholic Church All Souls ‘Day, called All Souls’ Day, is a day of prayers for the souls of all the dead.

It is celebrated after All Saints’ Day on November 2.

On this day, the tradition is to light grave candles and lay wreaths and flowers, which symbolize the memory of the dead.

All Souls’ Day interesting facts

1. All Souls ‘Day are the contemporary Polish equivalent of the pagan festival of Forefathers’ Eve.

2. In the past, on this day, it was impossible to perform activities such as trampling on cabbage, milling, pouring washes and spitting, so as not to offend the visiting ghosts by accident.

3. This holiday was introduced in 988 by Abbot Odilon of Cluny.

4. It comes from the pagan celebration of the Slavs, which was celebrated four times a year.

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All Souls’ Day questions and answers

Where did the tradition of lighting candles on graves come from?

This tradition comes from the old pagan custom of lighting fires on graves. It was believed that he would warm stray souls, drive away evil demons, burn their sins, and help illuminate their path.

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All Souls’ Day arose after the Christian Church openly opposed the celebration of Halloween. They have created an alternative festival in which only good spirits are present.

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