Alexander Pushkin – one of the greatest Russian writers.

He was a playwright, poet, novelist.

Alexander Pushkin interesting facts

1. Alexander Pushkin was born 220 years ago. He died 182 years ago (data: May 2019).

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2. Alexander Pushkin translated several poems by Adam Mickiewicz into Russian.

3. The works of Pushkin were translated into Polish by, among others Adam Mickiewicz, Jan Brzechwa, Julian Tuwim.

4. Pushkin’s most controversial poem is “Wagon of Life”, written in 1823. Until today, it’s hard to find the original version, without censorship.

5. Alexander Pushkin is considered by many to be the founder of modern Russian literature.

6. He published his first poem at the age of 15.

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Alexander Pushkin questions and answers

Where and when was Alexander Pushkin born?

Alexander Pushkin was born on May 26, 1799 in the city of Moscow (Russia).

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How many years did Alexander Pushkin live?

Alexander Pushkin lived to the age of 37.

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How tall was Alexander Pushkin?

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From what sign of the Zodiac was Alexander Pushkin?


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Where and when did Alexander Pushkin die?

Alexander Pushkin died on January 29, 1837 in the city of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

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How did Alexander Pushkin die?

He died as a result of his injuries during a duel with his brother-in-law Georges d’Anthès in defense of his wife’s honor.

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