AIDS is a disease caused by HIV.

Reducing the efficiency of the immune system to fight other infections and diseases.


Aids interesting facts

1. Over 40 million people in the world are infected with HIV.

2. There are no drugs that hinder the transmission of the virus.

3. HIV destroys blood cells: lymphocytes.

4. For the first time the HIV virus was detected in man in 1959. In the Republic of the Congo.

5. The World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1.

6. Since the discovery of AIDS to today, this disease killed over 40 million people in the world.

7. In 2017 alone, around 1.6 million people killed AIDS.

8. The world-known frontman of the band Queen – Freddie Mercury, died on November 24, 1991 because of AIDS.

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Aids answer

How can you get HIV?

You can get infected by sexual intercourse and by contact with infected blood.

Answer: Paulina

Can you get HIV through a kiss?

You can not get HIV through a kiss because it is not a droplet disease. The only possibility of getting infected by a kiss occurs when the blood is also in the saliva of an infected person.

Answer: Paulina

What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?

AIDS is a disease caused by the HIV virus.

Answer: Marta

What does AIDS mean?

It is an abbreviation of “increased immune deficiency syndrome” which means: “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”.

Answer: Marta

Why is AIDS called the plague of the twentieth century?

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